Elevator pitch:

Burning Man: The Musical is a new musical about techies vs hippies at Burning Man. Hired to work at Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firm, a young tech entrepreneur soon finds out things are not what they seem. Molly must go to Burning Man and confront her bigoted billionaire boss and his plan to buy the desert…before it’s too late.

Extended summary:

Hired on the spot at Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firm, a new college grad Molly is off to Burning Man to help evaluate whether or not her new firm should invest in a self-driving car startup. Plagued by self-doubt in her new role, she must overcome her imposter syndrome in order to prove herself at Burning Man.

Her new boss, Bill the Billionaire, inappropriately sends her on a quest to find drugs so he can throw the wildest sex party at Burning Man that night, in preparation for his announcement to privatize Burning Man into a gated dessert festival community called “Burning Village”. At Bill’s camp, Molly meets Joe (a young-Mark-Zuckerberg type) who needs her help to repair the self-driving car he’s pitching to Bill.

On a journey to find drugs, Molly confronts her ex-boyfriend Chad who runs the polyamory camp. There, we learn of her playa name “Sparkle Pony,” as Chad embarrasses Molly by bringing up their previous relationship. Leaving Chad’s camp, a great dust storm hits, and Molly and Joe take shelter in a hippie yurt. There, Molly receives a prophecy from her new mysterious mentor, Hazel the Hippie, which could change the course of her life.

Hazel leads Molly and Joe deep into the heart of Burning Man, experiencing the festival beyond their exclusive luxury camp. At the Man statue, they’re surrounded by people who embody the true spirit of Burning Man: aerialists and fire dancers, glassblowers and blacksmiths, sculptors and free minds. There, they’re swarmed by a protest against Bill, where Molly finds out about his plans to buy the desert where Burning Man is held.

With this newfound knowledge, Molly goes back to the camp to confront Bill. He explodes at her, threatening that if she doesn’t join him in the sex party, she will lose her job. Bill is used to always getting his way.

Molly, with the help of Hazel and Joe, confronts her deepest and darkest fears. At this low point, she questions if she has the power to rise up against her misogynistic and egomaniacal employer. Will Molly (AKA Sparkle Pony) find the strength and wisdom to do the most amazing of things? Or will she lose her dignity, job, and all of Burning Man to this billionaire?