Elevator pitch:

Burning Man: The Musical is a new musical about techies vs. hippies at Burning Man.

Extended summary:

The musical comedy follows Molly (AKA Sparkle Pony), a recent college grad who’s hired by the top venture capital firm in Silicon Valley to evaluate new tech startups that are pitching at her boss’s luxury camp. After she discovers that Bill the Billionaire hired her with the intention of sleeping with her, Molly goes on a soul-searching journey through the desert, where she finds her mentor Hazel the Hippie, who prophesies her role in taking down Bill and his nefarious plan: to buy the desert and convert Burning Man into a Disneyland-style theme park called Burning Village. This musical shows how sometimes the most unlikely person can rise up and do great things.

Burning Man: The Musical is a parody of the Burning Man event and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Burning Man Project.